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Functional Movement Assessment

With extensive training in movement assessment, Katie is able to guide you through common movements and identify postural habits, movement inefficiencies and asymmetries that may lead to pain.

This is completed virtually via Zoom Meeting and includes gait analysis, foot and breathing analysis.
Katie Lund, PTA, C-PT, Owner, Gait Guru, Movement Links Specialist

Your Medical History 

We'll begin by reviewing your medical history as this helps me understand what works and what doesn't work.

Understanding You

What motivates you, what are your goals?How can I help you reach these goals?

Strength and Movement

What are your current strengths and what areas need to be optimized?

Personal Movement Plan

Your goals + strengths + inefficient movement 

= Your Customized Movement Plan 

20 Minute FREE initial consult

Virtual Assessment  $120

Follow Up 1 hour $80
Follow Up 30 min $45

Move Pain Free

We will find which movements hurt, and which movements don't hurt. 

Often we just need a tiny tweaks to our movement

Functional Movement Assessment

So much can be assessed from watching someone move and determining habitual patterns

This will help create your movement plan.

Walking Gait Analysis

Walking reveals many movement dysfunctions or postural habits

This often drives much of our pain as it is something we do all day long.

Analysis & Exercise Plan

A detailed breakdown of your functional assessment including gait deficiencies, postural habits, areas requiring greater strength or mobility and changing current movement patterns.

Level 3 Applicatin
Katie Lund, PTA, C-PT, Gait Guru, Movement Links Specialist

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