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Running Gait Analysis

A Virtual Running Gait Analysis can be performed in addition to a Functional Movement Assessment or as an individual assessment toolAsymmetries or dysfunctions found in our gait, are usually found in our functional movement patterns too. A video analysis is used in person too, so this can easily be
completed virtually from anywhere in the world!

Why use Gait Assessment?

As a runner for over 30 years, Katie has had extensive professional training in analyzing gait from head to toe.

Katie uses gait assessment to find muscular imbalances or joint restrictions and postural habits.
You will email a video of yourself running on a treadmill or outdoors. Simple!

It Only Hurts After I Run

Just because the pain is happening after a run, does not mean that running isn't the cause. 

It is. But why? By watching you run, we can answer that.

Walking vs Running Analysis

Our walking gait is usually different from our running gait. As a runner it's important to look at both as they each reveal different information.

Gait + Pain

Nothing is more frustrating than pain when we run.


Before self diagnosing, have a movement specialist watch you run and determine what else can be done to improve your gait.

I Don't Have Pain But Want to Be a Better Runner

Perfect! Sometimes we just need to move a little more efficiently

Gait analysis is a great way to figure out what we need to work on.

Analysis & Exercise Plan

A detailed breakdown of your gait deficiencies, postural habits, areas requiring greater strength or mobility and changing current movement patterns is provided.

When coupled with a Functional Movement Assessment, It provides you the most efficient information on your movement patterns.

Katie Lund, PTA, C-PT, Gait Guru, Movement Links Specialist
Video Runners Gait Analysis

Treadmill: warm up for 5-8 minutes. Record a video 30 seconds of you running. Full body, wearing your typical running shoes. Less restrictive clothing for optimal analysis. Men shirtless, women in sports bra. Posterior and lateral views. Upload your files below. Assessment will be emailed within 48 hours.


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