"I was initially just interested in the toe spacers but decided to go with the Foot Health Kit. Great decision! The kit is chock full of information and exercises - everything you need to promote happy feet. Definitely worth the investment! Ordering was easy and the delivery was quick (and nicely packaged). There's way more to this foot business than meets the eye, and Katie knows her stuff. Check out her videos too - she covers it all, not just feet!"


"I started working with Katie about 6 weeks ago. Prior to that, I had been seeing an orthopedic surgeon for about a year. He had stated that I had bone on bone arthritis and I would eventually have to have surgery. This surgery would be the complete rebuilding of my feet and I would be out 6 months for each foot. I was very defeated and felt little hope until I was referred to Katie. With her guidance and my due diligence by doing the homework, my feet are doing very well. They are not 100% but pretty confident that I will not have to have surgery. She is very good at what she does and I highly recommend her."