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MISSION With ten years of experience working in a rehabilitative setting as a physical therapist assistant, I have come to terms that our healthcare system is limited in just how much we can help our patients. I see patients struggle daily with what I see to be much more than low back pain, neck pain, or knee pain. Additionally, people pay large sums of money monthly for these benefits, that a lot of times are not benefiting their actual individual health.

Over the years I have taken a stronger interest in restoring human movement via human movement. There is benefit in manual therapy, however more often than not there is nothing more powerful than us moving our own bodies. It is certainly more empowering to an individual to see themselves move in new ways without pain, than for someone else to do the work for them.

I strive to find new movement for each person based on their current state. I want to empower each of you to feel confident in motion that feel good, to integrate and restore breath work into your core stability, to educate you on the power of your feet, and to unlock joints that have stopped serving you over the years.


FYI While this website is intended to help address your injuries and instabilities, it is not a Physical Therapy assessment or treatment. As we tell our patients each day, everyone is different and everyone presents a little different from the next, regardless of diagnosis. These exercises are only the beginning of your treatment. Think of them as a foundation towards recovery. If your pain continues, see your doctor or schedule an evaluation with your local Physical Therapist. If your pain worsens with any of these exercises, discontinue immediately. 

There are diagnoses not included on this site but have similar treatment plans to diagnoses already listed. Please contact me if you do not see your specific injury and I will point you in the right direction.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your diagnosis, symptoms, or treatment plan, please contact me. I am here to help!

since 2022

  • Member of the Healthy Feet Alliance

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

June 2022

2010-2012, Springfield, Massachusetts

2020, Certified Foot Nerd, The Foot Collective

2019, Certified Movement Links Specialist, MLS

2018, Certified Rocktape FMT Blade Specialist

  • PTA (Assoc. Physical Therapist Assistant) Springfield Community College

  • BFA (Bachelors Fine Art: Design) University of Massachusetts Amherst

1999-2003, Amherst, Massachusetts

  • Continuing Education

  • 04/2013  |  North East Seminars  |  The Runners Rehab Program Certificate

    10/2013  |  Medbridge  |  Evidence-based Examination & Treatment of the Lumbar Spine

    04/2014  |  Medbridge  |  The Running Athlete: Biomechanics & Analysis

    10/2014  |  Medbridge  |  The Clinician's Role in Endurance Sports Performance

    11/2014  |  Medbridge  |  The Running Athlete: Clinical Assessment & Rehabilitation 

    03/2015  |  Medbridge  |  The Running Athlete: Treadmill Gait Analysis

    09/2016  |  Medbridge  |  Pilates for Rehabilitation

    02/2017  |  Postural Restoration Institute  |  Myokinematic Restoration

    11/2017  |  Medbridge  |  Lower Extremity Alignment: Proximal Rehabilitation Approach

    12/2017  |  Medbridge  |  Global Dynamic Functional Stability for the Hip & Pelvis

    01/2018  |  Medbridge  |  Exercise Prescription for Hip & Pelvis: Part 1, 2

    08/2018  |  Vyne Certified  |  RockTape FMT Blades Certificate

    Fall 2018  |  Movement Links  |  Seminar Series: Movement & Neuromuscular Approach to Assessment of Upper Quarter, Lower Quarter & Functional Management Progression

    09/2019  |  Movement Links Specialist (MLS) Certification

    01/2020  |  Certification in Microcurrent Point Stimulation Pain Management

    07/2020  |  Gait Happens  |  Top Down, Bottom Up: Gait and Foot Related Disorders

    12/2020  |  Medbridge  |  Foot and Ankle Mechanics

    01/2021  |  Medbridge  |  Clinical Examination of the Runner: Assessment, Testing, Gait Correlations, and Corrections
    02/2021  |  Gait Happens & EBFA  |  The Chronic Foot: A Dual Perspective

    09/2021  |  Foot Nerd Certification  |  The Foot Collective Foot Nerd Program

    09/2021 |  EBFA Global Barefoot Summit 2021

    05/2022 |  Gait Happens & Restore Your Core  |  Floor to Core

    11/2022  |  EBFA  |  Barefoot Training Specialist: Level 1 Certification

    11/2022  |  Gait Happens  |  Gait Guru

    Current  |  Yoga Veda Institute  |  Ayurveda Practitioner Program

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