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Movement Coaching
in Taos

I strive to empower people of all ages, shapes and sizes to regain their independence and feel their body again. My background includes 10 years of orthopedic Physical Therapy, Movement Links Specialist, Barefoot Specialist, and recent Ayurvedic Practitioner studies and NASM Personal Trainer Certification. We know the mind and body are strongly related and one cannot work without the other. Together we will make sure both are working optimally for you.

Some of the aspects of my assessment will include:

Your History 

Have you had physical therapy or Chiropractic work in the past? Do you like massage therapy? What medical specialist, if any, have you seen? Do you have imaging like x-rays or MRIs? For women, have you been pregnant and/or given birth?

Understanding You

In our first virtual consultation we'll get to know each other, with a big focus on YOU. What motivates you, what are your goals, why do you have those goals? How can I best serve you in achieving these goals?

Strength and Movement

We can only be as strong as the foundation we are built upon. Not only does this include a functionally strong core, but also strong "foot core". Let's get that foundation sturdy to withstand life's stressors and all the activities you wish to accomplish!

Personal Fitness Plan

By combining your goals, strengths, areas requiring focus, with the addition of sleep, nutrition, and even meditation practices, we will create a plan together that works for you to achieve your goals. Additional shoe and gait recommendations provided as it starts from the ground-up!

Finding Pain Free Movements

A lot of physical therapy is not truly customized based on the entire body. It is usually based off one single body part. My goal is to find what movements hurt, and what movements don't hurt. Let's find things to empower you and make you confident that your pain today, doesn't have to be there forever.

Functional Assessment

Full body movement and postural assessment completed from the comfort of your own home. So much can be assessed from watching someone move. Bonus: so much can be achieved from changing the way we move!

Gait Analysis

We all have a story to tell through walking. More information to piece things together. This can be done during the virtual consultation, or you can send in your video via email for analysis. Shoe recommendations are based on this gait analysis and body/movement assessment.

Analysis Report and Exercise Plan

You will receive a detailed breakdown of your functional assessment including gait deficiencies, postural habits, areas requiring greater strength or mobility and changing current movement patterns.

1 hr Initial Assessment  $150
1 hr Follow Up $80
30 min Follow Up $45

Let's get started.

Tell me more about you.

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