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Functional Gait Assessment

A Gait Assessment is performed with each client in addition to a Functional Movement Assessment to further analyze their movement patterns of choice. Asymmetries or dysfunctions found in our gait, are usually found in our functional movement patterns too.

You will send your recorded video analysis to Katie for her to analyze and break down.

Why use Gait Assessment?

Katie has had extensive training in analyzing gait from head to toe. This makes her trained eye readily available to assess virtually or live.

It often reveals muscular imbalances or joint restrictions. It's something we do without thinking, all day long!

Walking Doesn't Hurt Me

Great! This tool is used as information for your entire body's preferred way of moving. There doesn't have to be pain for it to be helpful in assessment.

My Toes Have Always Pointed Out

We can figure out if this a true anatomical reason, or compensation from old injuries, or just a preferred pattern.

20 Minute Initial Consult FREE

90 Minute Virtual Assessment $150

Follow Up 1 hour $80
Follow Up 30 min $45

Gait + Pain

Often times pain does not show up when we are walking.

However, our bodies have found compensations for muscular imbalances, joint restrictions, or fear avoidance.

I Haven't Walked "normal" in Years

That's exactly why we are going to watch the way you walk now. 

In addition, tell me how you "think" you are walking today. And why?

Analysis & Exercise Plan

A detailed breakdown of your gait deficiencies, postural habits, areas requiring greater strength or mobility and changing current movement patterns.

This in addition to a functional movement assessment included in Virtual Assessment.

Level 3 aplication

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