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Foot & Gait Specialist

Katie's background includes extensive education on the foot and ankle complex and its connection to the hip and core with leading educators in their fields: Movement Links, Gait HappensEBFA Global, Restore Your CoreHuman LocomotionJames Earls, and The Foot Collective Foot Nerd Program.

This experience has provided her the ability to assess virtually online. She is passionate about being able to expand knowledge and truth about the foot and how it works to people all over the world.

Foot & Gait Assessment

Katie uses gait and movement assessment to find muscular imbalances or joint restrictions and other postural habits.

A detailed foot and ankle analysis can often reveal possible dysfunction not only in the foot, but all the way up to the foot and core. Katie frequently finds hammertoes, bunions, and a loss of our intrinsic foot strength to be an underlying source of pain.

Virtual assessments are super easy, especially for foot pain!


Common myth is that they're hereditary, when really you're just more or less at risk.

Footwear is the actual instigator of bunions and if the joints are still mobile, the joints can actually be realigned with toe spacers and corrective exercise!


Same as bunions, these are generally a deformation in our toes caused by poor footwear. These can be avoided, and they can be reversed!

Want to take the first step towards correcting hammertoes? Transition to minimal footwear! Corrective exercise tailored towards your body is also necessary.


Footwear is the #1 contributor to foot pain and deformities. They are usually the cause of metatarsalgia, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, and even ankle sprains secondary to unstable joints.

The running shoe industry has done an excellent job of making us believe our feet are poorly designed and require external support from orthotic devices, built-in arch supports, and cushioning systems.

Katie will provided specific shoe brands and extensive education on transitioning to minimal footwear as well as the importance of minimal footwear in regaining foot strength. 

This is not for everyone and can take a specific protocol in transitioning.

Gait and Pain

Painful walking is possibly one of the most frustrating injuries. Often times it's in our knee or hip but truly coming from instability above and below.

The feet are frequently overlooked during healthcare assessments, yet they provide a ton of stability from the ground up!

The Overlooked Foot

This poor structure of our body seems to be the most overlooked area and yet it is what connects us to the ground.

It is what tells our body what we are connecting to and how to move, balance, and react. When it is inside of a shoe most of our lives, it's easy to ignore.


More research shows its connection to osteoarthritis of knees and hips as well as global instability of our bodies.

Functional Gait and Foot Assessment

A detailed breakdown of possible gait deficiencies, postural habits, areas in the foot requiring greater stability or mobility and explanation of how to change current movement patterns.

A focus will be placed on your feet with specific foot related issues.

20 Minute Initial Consult FREE

Functional Movement Assessment $150

1 Hour Follow Up $80

30 Minute Follow Up $45

Level 3 aplication

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