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This kit is created for those wanting to restore their foot health, correct toe deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes and to address chronic issues such as plantar fasciitis. 

Quick fixes are generally prescribed by doctors: Injections, Orthotics, and rigid, supportive footwear. All of those interventions are temporary with short term relief. To completely restore your foot's ability to be a foot, it takes time and patience, as well as guidance.


This kit will begin you on your toe splay journey as your toes begin to stretch out to their original alignment. Exercises are included for toe and foot joint mobility, toe and foot strength and ankle strength. 

Kit Includes:

  • Splay All Day Toe Spacers (1 set)
  • Guide on how to use your Splay All Day Toe Spacers
  • Exercises and mobility drills
    • 3 Splay Loop exercises
    • 3 Foot Band exercises
    • 1 Mobility Ball exercise
    • 3 Mobility Ball drills
  • Mobility Ball
  • Splay Loops (3)
  • Foot Band (1)
  • Toe Socks (1 pair)

Foot Health Kit

  • While wearing toe spacers will improve your foot and toe alignment, they must be worn either barefoot or in natural footwear to accomodate the toe spacers and allow natural foot splay. 

    Check out our list of natural footwear to complete your foot restoration journey. 

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