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What is Movement Coaching?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

As a Movement Links Specialist I have been trained to assess the human body and all of its capable movements from head to toe. I can treat clients around the world virtually with specific assessment tools including gait analysis.


With proper guidance and assessment, a movement coach can identify movement patterns that are no longer serving you that could be the root cause of pain. When we perform specific movement patterns, let's say a squat for example, in a way that is not optimal for our bodies sometimes we can handle it for years!

At some point though, when we use our bodies in a way that they're not designed to be used, we encounter pain. Sometimes its within days (ever notice that limp after stubbing your toe or spraining your ankle causes pain somewhere else?), but most often it takes months and years because that is how good our bodies are at compensating.

WHAT IS A FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT? With each client I run through a head to toe movement assessment with a focus on areas that are of concern for them. Included in this is a gait assessment and breathing assessment to find the level of your functional core. I look at your feet and your shoes as this is your second core and what you put your "second core" inside of is a big deal!

All of this information can reveal your movement preferences and--let's go back to that squat--if your tendency is shift your weight to one side when bending down well then add up the amount of times you do that a day x the amount of years you've been doing this. One side is going to develop differently, your muscles will be lengthened differently, and your body will forget how to perform a squat with symmetry.

That is a small example of things we want to identify and correct. WHY!? Because a squat with a slight rotation to one side means: your pelvis is rotating, you are increasing stress on one side of your spine, your muscles are shortening on that side you are shifted towards, you are creating more stress on that hip, knee, and ankle, and you are creating greater pronation in that foot too. In addition, you are doing all the opposite things to the opposite side. Now what if your job requires you to bend down repetitively throughout the day to pick something up? Now we are adding load and stress to all the above joints and tissues.

You see where I'm going with this?

If you have had years of low grade or high grade pain, and have had little help from the healthcare industry as of today, then let's chat. I want to hear your history and help you put your puzzle back together. Back pain is not normal, neither are bunions or "over pronated" feet. These are all factors that occur in our modern lifestyle due to things like sitting, driving, footwear, desk jobs, and a general misuse of the human body.


This is done conveniently from your own home, and with proper assessment and proper information provided by the client, the sessions do not have to last forever. Hopefully we can address these asymmetries quickly and find adjustments to be made throughout your day where you do no have to dedicate an enormous amount of time towards exercises with little benefit.

A free 20 minute consultation will guide both of us to determine if movement coaching would be right for you. I look forward to working with you in the future!

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