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Elite Sports Gym Backpack

Elite Sports asked me to check out their new Athletic Convertible Gym Backpack, which I willingly took the gym and it quickly became my new favorite gym bag.

Their website is geared towards fight wear: boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -- all things I know very little about. However, turns out I like rash guards which I wonder can be worn just as base layers for us mountain living people. They have a sister brand with very cool work out clothes for the dudes. I hope someday they start offering some styles for women!

For now I'll settle for this backpack which is super spacious and has pockets galore. It has a ventilated bottom to stuff my sweaty clothes and wet towel post work out. The entire front side you can see if mesh so it's still breathable for all the stinky clothes. I used it as a backpack but it does have a strap to throw over your shoulder too because it does get pretty, pretty long once you have the expanded bottom popped out. See the video below.

The real test will be stuffing my ski boots in it, I think they should fit easily. I wonder if my helmet and gloves will make it in there too... 🧐

I know I have some BJJ and boxing friends out there, so y'all go check them out at! The video below demonstrates all the ins and outs of the backpack!

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