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The Barefoot Movement Podcast

The Barefoot Movement podcast is dedicated to empowering you, to take control of your body, helping to support yourself naturally from the ground up. Join your host, Paul Thompson, The Barefoot Podiatrist, fortnightly as he explores through his and his guests expertise and experiences, how you too can live a Barefoot Lifestyle to reduce pain and improve performance.

TFC Audio Project

Welcome to the TFC Audio Project, hosted by The Foot Collective. We’re a group of Canadian physical therapists on a mission to help humans reclaim strong, functional and painfree feet through foot health education.

Movement Podcast

Human movement is complex, fascinating, and affects us all. Our hosts, Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton, have dedicated their lives to understanding movement and have trained thousands of fitness and healthcare professionals worldwide with their holistic philosophy and approach. Listen as they discuss topics, speak with other industry experts, answer questions, and give practical advice on how you can optimize the human body to be the best it can be.

Bravest Podcast

Hosted by Craig Kasper, the Bravest Podcast is about the journey to becoming more resilient. A healthcare provider and a person who has lived with the daily challenges associated with type 1 diabetes, Craig explores the stories and insights that serve to empower us all to make a positive impact on our mindset, our health, and ultimately the world around us.

Stop Chasing Pain

Health and Fitness Extravaganza of Information empowering your to take back control of your life from pain. Simple and fundamental is the theme for this show. The depth with which you master the basics influences how well you understand everything you learn after that. Exploring tips, tricks, hacks and strategies from all walks of life and different disciplines sharing perspectives on healing. Pain is a request for change. A change in how you live your life. Come join us and we will go on the change journey together.

Jetset Rehab Education

Interviews with Physical Therapists by Physical Therapists who are experts in their field.

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Basic Foot Strength

Basic Foot Strength

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