Anatomy Drawing
Anatomy Drawing
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In my nine years of working as a physical therapist assistant, I have been asked by friends and family what exercises to do for common injuries. I educate them briefly on their injury and promise to send them a Home Exercise Program. I have always wished there was a reference guide for those not in the PT world to look up their injury and begin their treatment independently. I want to make it easier for people to understand their injury in simpler terms, and to begin the rehabilitation process on their own. 


In this crazy world, we all wish there were more hours in the day. I hear my patients, as well as my friends and family, complain about the time commitment required for Physical Therapy. I empathize with all of you. For that reason, I have created a resource that you will hopefully find helpful for treating your injury on your own time, executing the exercises properly, and returning to life and sports without issue.


Always get diagnosed properly by a licensed physician. 

With any injury, always get diagnosed properly by a licensed Physician before beginning a treatment program. The tools provided on this website are for specific diagnoses and injuries, however, everyone should have an evaluation and assessment performed by a licensed Physical Therapist. These mini treatment plans can help when used properly, but they are not intended to replace physical therapy or cure an injury. Read Terms of Use.