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PTA, Movement Specialist, C-PT, Foot Nerd, Gait Guru,
Ayurveda Practitioner in Training



With twelve years of experience working in a rehabilitative setting as a physical therapist assistant, I have come to see that our healthcare system is limited in just how much we can help our patients. I see patients struggle daily with what I see to be much more than low back pain, neck pain, or knee pain. 

Over the years I have taken a stronger interest in restoring human movement via human movement. There is benefit in manual therapy, however more often than not there is nothing more powerful than us moving our own bodies. It is certainly more empowering to an individual to see themselves move in new ways without pain, than for someone else to do the work for them.

I strive to find new movement for each person based on their current state. I want to empower each of you to feel confident in motion that feel good, to integrate and restore breath work into your core stability, to educate you on the power of your feet, and to unlock joints that have stopped serving you over the years.


Always get diagnosed properly by a licensed physician.

With any injury, always get diagnosed properly by a licensed Physician before beginning a treatment program. The tools provided on this website are for specific diagnoses and injuries, however, everyone should have an evaluation and assessment performed by a licensed Physical Therapist. These mini treatment plans can help when used properly, but they are not intended to replace physical therapy or cure an injury. Read Terms of Use.

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