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Barefoot Shoe and Product Reviews

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

I wanted to share my experience with my new trail shoe from Xero Shoes. I bought the Mesa Trail as it was part of their recent blow out sale. I got them for $35! They are usually $119.99. For the past few years I've been using Vivobarefoot's Primus Trail Knit FG and the deeper into barefoot I got, the tighter the toe box has felt on my Vivobarefoot trail shoes. Other models fit great, so I'm sure they've changed since my first barefoot purchase in 2018.

I have a pretty square-ish toe box, meaning there's not a dramatic taper off from my big to smallest toe. Vivobarefoot does just the opposite where they have a taper off from about 2-3 and quickly slopes down to the lateral border of the shoe. I believe it used to be more dramatic and has rounded out over the years as I've found in my other Vivo's.

CUT TO...! Xero Shoes Mesa Trail has a nice wide toe box and a tiny bit more cushion between me and the Earth. Someone like me benefits from a little bit more cushion because I run and hike trails which are pretty rocky. It's nice to have a slight reduction in impact yet my foot can still conform to objects I'm landing on. 2 Thumbs up. I would pay full price for these kicks.

And in other product testing news...

I've been asked to review this gym bag from Elite Sports. They have cool workout clothing designs for men, so if you're a dude check out their apparel. I hope someday they'll add women's apparel into their mix because I like their designs. This bag seems like it'll be perfect for the gym, my frequent East Coast travels ... AND... ski boots! Keep ya posted.

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