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Move Away From Pain




90 Minutes

About the Course

Katie and Catherine have joined forces to bring their combined 25+ years of experience to educate the public on the importance of postural awareness and to take back their own bodies. They have created a series of courses that will address the entire body from head to toe. "Move Away From Pain" will build the foundation for creating both internal and external body awareness--a key to introducing new postural habits. Each workshop within the series will include interactive movement demonstrations to find postural tendencies. They provide guidance on creating new habits and also discuss the effect pain and injury has on our posture. Live demonstrations of bodywork by Catherine will complete the process and jumpstart our bodies to take on new habits, postures, and movement patterns. Contact Catherine:

Your Instructors

Katie Lund and Catherine Reynolds

Katie: Movement Coach, Foot & Gait Specialist
Catherine: Bodyworker and Lic. Massage Therapist

Katie Lund and Catherine Reynolds
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